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Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about pitcher Luis Perdomo’s unusual triples total, Carlos Beltran’s retirement, and Giancarlo Stanton’s trade value, then answer listener emails about Aaron Judge’s similarities to Ryan Howard, an automatic nine-inning, five-run pitcher, the difficulty of evaluating pitch-calling, and bathroom breaks in baseball.


  • Hitters with extreme differences in wRC+ to pull and opposite fields
  • Comparing Ryan Howard and Aaron Judge
  • Automatic nine-inning, five-run pitcher
  • Evaluating and optimizing pitch-calling
  • In-game bathroom breaks for players


  • Jeff wrote about how Luis Perdomo hit four seasons this season, most of which were made possible by defensive mistakes.
  • Carlos Beltran's retirement and Hall of Fame case
  • Giancarlo Stanton trade rumors and potential value

Email Questions[]

  • Adam: "Is Ryan Howard a relevant data point for what to expect from Aaron Judge? Or do the similarities end at the power, strikeouts, and Rookie of the Year?"
  • Bob: "Would a pitcher who went nine innings every single start but also gave up five runs in each of those starts be a valuable player to have on your team?"
  • Alex: "Has there been much focus on identifying what the optimal pitch for any situation is and getting the pitcher to throw it? Are we just taking it on faith that pitchers and catchers have figured this one out?"
  • Andy: "Can coaches ask for and can umpires grant bathroom breaks?"

Stat Segment[]

  • Last season Eric Hosmer had a 55 wRC+ to the pull side and a 283 wRC+ to the opposite field. Jeff used historical data to see the biggest differences for other players.
  • Chris Young has a 212 wRC+ to the pull side and a-19 wRC+ to the opposite field.


  • Luis Perdomo is the first pitcher since 1955 to hit at least four triples in a season.
  • Ben thinks that a pitcher with a 5.00 ERA who always throws a complete game would absolutely have value to a team even if they lose most of his starts.