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Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about Mookie Betts’ bowling exploits and Jeff’s AL Rookie of the Year ballot, then predict and review the results of Jerry Crasnick’s annual insiders survey, draft winter World Series odds movers, and do another draft of free agents’ estimated earnings.


  • Jerry Crasnick's annual insiders survey
  • Giancarlo Stanton trade location
  • Shohei Ohtani's destination
  • Kansas City free agent value
  • J.D. Martinez contract prediction
  • How will the World Series impact Yu Darvish's contract value?
  • Jake Arrieta free agent contract
  • Predicting reliever performance
  • Carlos Gonzales and Carlos Gomez predictions
  • Player trade rumors
  • Jeff's AL Rookie of the Year award vote
  • World Series odds movers
  • Free agent contract draft


  • Mookie Betts gets a perfect game, bowling, how impressive is it?
  • How good overall would a baseball player be at bowling?
  • How much luck is involved in bowling?

Ben's Draft Results[]

Player O/U? Predicted Actual Diff
Jake Arrieta Over 100 75 -25
Lorenzo Cain Over 70 80 10
Logan Morrison Under 36 6.5 29.5
Carlos Santana Over 45 60 15
Michael Pineda Over 6 10 4
Jaime Garcia Over 16 10 -6
Miles Mikolas Over 10 15.5 5.5
Jonathan Lucroy Under 24 6.5 17.5
Total 51

Jeff's Draft Results[]

Player O/U? Predicted Actual Diff
Yu Darvish Under 160 126 34
Lance Lynn Under 56 12 44
Wade Davis Under 60 52 8
Eric Hosmer Over 132 144 12
Zack Cozart Under 42 38 4
Andrew Cashner Under 20 16 4
Anthony Swarzek Over 14 14 0
Mike Moustakas Under 85 6.5 78.5
Total 184


  • This is Mookie Betts 11th perfect game.
  • Mookie Betts has been like 30 games above replacement in just over 3 years.
  • Jeff said this was the easiest vote ever, he obviously picked Aaron Judge.
  • Each question had at least 1 no answer on the insiders survey.
  • Jeff things the Padres have the biggest change they are + 10,000 and they will raise, the Royals +5,000 and will fall, the Rangers to fall from +5,000, the Brewers to fall from +3,300, and the Tigers will fall from +100,000.
  • Ben thinks the Marlins have the biggest change they are + 660 and they will fall, the Giants to rise from +4,000, the Mets to fall from +2,200, the Reds to fall from +6,600, and the Angels to rise from +5,000.
  • Sam had a theory that you could know the side of a coinflip by the sound it makes.
  • Andrew Cashner was the 2nd worst pitcher in strikeout to walk rate.