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July 12, 2017

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Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about Aaron Judge’s Home Run Derby performance, a subtle change in the way Rob Manfred talked about the baseball at the All-Star Game, and the Angels’ stats with and without Mike Trout. Then they make it two consecutive episodes of talking to a Glenn by bringing on UC Irvine professor and baseball researcher Glenn Healey to discuss the mechanics and implications of his new method of comparing pitchers based on their stuff.

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  • Home Run Derby
  • Los Angeles Angels before and after Mike Trout injury
  • Pitcher Similarity

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Of Montreal, "One of a Very Few of a Kind"

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Lord Huron, "I Will Be Back One Day"

Banter Edit

  • Home run derby reactions
  • Aaron Judge & Giancarlo Stanton
  • Rob Manfred 'State of Baseball' address

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  • Only 55% of polled Fangraphs users could identify the Angels with or without Trout by stats
  • Derek Jeter injury for a month and half in 2003 at very start of season played .700 without him, .600 with him (Eric Almonte was replacement)
  • Judge vs Stanton: Stanton average exit velocity in 2015 - 95.9, 2016- 93.9, 2017- 90.8
  • In 2016 most similar RHP were Matt Harvey and Shelby Miller; most similar LHP were John Niese and Chris Rusin
  • In 2016 least similar RHP were Brad Ziegler Marco Estrada; least similar LHP Zack Britton and Tommy Malone

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