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Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan talk to Grant Brisbee of SB Nation about acceptable ballpark behavior, Madison Bumgarner, the Giants, and baseball’s latest tests of unwritten (and written) rules involving beanball wars between the Tigers and Twins and the Orioles and Red Sox.



  • Should the Giants punt this year?
  • Madison Bumgarnergetting hurt on dirt bike and assorted other non baseball injuries and the lies to cover them up (Jeff Kent's truck).

Email Question[]

  • Mike - "I've been down on a trip to Oakland to see the M's play at the Coliseum, we sat right behind the M's bullpen and got to meet all the Mariners bullpen pitchers etc, but we also noticed something. Whenever a bullpen pitcher for the Mariners and presumably any other visiting pitchers got up to warm up the whole crowd in that area of the stadium would start to shout in a concerted right before each pitch in a way to psych the pitcher out. They would yell whoop as the pitcher started his motion and the "whooping" sound crescendoed right at the release of the warm up pitch. You could tell it distracted the pitchers noticeably, especially the younger ones who did not expect it. The psych out worked especially on the pitcher Dan Altavilla who seemed to be thrown off a bit by the crowd noise while warming up. When he went out to pitch he coughed up, i think, 3 runs in an inning and it ended up costing the Mariners the game. They did it to Nick Vincent too, he seemed more prepared for it. When someone from the crowd asked the bullpen coach about it he said that the crowd whoops happened in both Oakland and in San Francisco stadiums but nowhere else that he was aware of, so it might just be a bay area phenomenon, are you aware of the whoop?"


  • Fan yelling "I got it" at Tropicana Field messing up a Tigers catch
  • Jeff suggests catcher punches batter in butt instead of a plunking