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April 15, 2017

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Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about Mike Trout topping the WAR leaderboard, Stephen Wright’s vulnerability to the elements, and baseball-player social media behavior, then talk about the increase in game times in 2017, the factors slowing pace of play, and the coming of the pitch clock.

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The New Pornographers, "Clockwise"

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Jefferson Airplane, "Won’t You Try/Saturday Afternoon"

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  • Mike Trout takes lead in WAR on Baseball-Reference
  • Stephen Wright is called out because in any moisture he is bad according to coach John Farrell
  • Matt Adams in St. Louis Cardinals outfield (bad)
  • Briefly touched on athletes; fake social media accounts and how it's a great idea

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  • They begrudgingly bring up the Reds due to Eugenio Suárez being in top 10 in WAR.
  • Tommy Pham liked Dave Cameron's article about Adams being bad in OF and Pham's deserving chance.
  • Pitch clocks were, in part, responsible for AA and AAA games being sped up by just over 10 minute0.s

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