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Ben, Carson Cistulli, and Eric Longenhagen scrutinize an unearthed video of Mike Trout taking batting practice in high school from both sides of the plate. Then Ben and Carson discuss podcasting, umpiring, Jeff Sullivan and more.


  • Video of Mike Trout hitting left-handed
  • Comparing high school to current Mike Trout
  • Projecting a switch-hitting Trout
  • What did scouts miss with Trout?
  • Development of FanGraphs Audio and Effectively Wild
  • Beneficial skills for podcasting
  • Balancing baseball vs. other content
  • Umpiring bias
  • Reviewing umpiring crew makeup
  • Working with Jeff Sullivan


  • Ben and Sam discussed the possibility of Mike Trout hitting left in Episode 999.
  • After Ben introduces Carson as the host of FanGraphs Audio, Eric jokes that FanGraphs is the host and Carson is a parasite.
  • Eric thinks that Trout's peak projection in 2017 if he could only hit left handed would be .220/.320/.320.
  • Ben refers to the simulpodcast he and Sam held with Carson on Episode 56.


  • Effectively Wild Episode 1002: Mike Trout Turns Around