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In Sam’s last show as co-host, he and Ben talk to Astros pro scouting director Kevin Goldstein. Then, Ben talks to incoming co-host Jeff Sullivan before Jeff leaves on a fantastically timed vacation.


  • Kevin's work with the Houston Astros
  • How to judge job performance
  • Front office nicknames
  • How Kevin watches baseball compared to previous jobs
  • Information imbalance and trading prospects
  • Day to day of working for a MLB team
  • Working from home
  • Why is Nori Aoki available?
  • Lineup balance
  • Signing minor league free agents
  • Introducing Jeff Sullivan


Crickets sound clip


  • This is Sam's final episode as a regular co-host. Sam would return as co-host in Episode 1344.
  • Kevin Goldstein's first appearance on the podcast was in Episode 100. In that episode Sam suggested that Kevin join again for Episode 1000.
  • Sam discusses the frequent callbacks to past episodes and jokes that they should have reprised their topic from Episode 1 and chatted about whether Aroldis Chapman should be a starter.


  • Kevin says that internally he sometimes refers to Jeff Luhnow as El Jefe.
  • Kevin says that for most free agents the money they are offered will be the overwhelming key decision factor in what team they sign with. In some cases they will also consider comfort level, location, recent team performance, etc. This subject had previously appeared in Episode 774 and spawned the Avocado Factor running joke.
  • Ben notes that he and Sam are ending the week (and Sam's tenure) on a multiple of five.
  • Jeff is calling in from the airport where he is leaving for a trip to Chile.
  • Episode 999: Mike Trout reportedly won a home run derby in high school while batting left handed.