The Diamondbacks Headlines Contest was a daily contest on the web site for the Diamondbacks' hometown newspaper, the Arizona Republic, in which fans submitted game headlines. Sam stumbled upon the contest in late 2014, leading to an episode arc (starting with Episode 498). He would take the entries to task, critiquing the information conveyed and the wordplay used (which included rhymes, alliteration, and really obvious puns). Oft-cited phrases in the Facebook group would soon include “How Sweep It is” and “Venomous Snakes.”

Nora Morse Edit

Nora Morse was a prolific contributor to the competition, submitting 25 headlines in all. She repeatedly supplied depressing, frequently nihilistic headlines that reflected a state of severe pessimism about the Diamondbacks team, front office, and life in general. They amused Sam to such an extent that it provoked fits of laughter in one episode . Highlights included:

"D-Backs fight valiantly to win meaningless game"

"D'Backs Pathetic in Split With Cleveland: Kevin Towers Designated for Assignment"

"D'Backs lousy"

On one memorable occasion, July 31st, Nora submitted seven different headlines lamenting the state of the team. None of them won.

Nora's methods did not include puns, but because they were such a staple of other contest entrants, many have since associated her with pun-based headlines.

Late in 2016, Nora resurfaced as a commenter on one of Sam's articles at ESPN. This prompted much discussion in the Facebook group as to whether this was in fact the real Nora, an EW listener, or even whether there ever was a real Nora in the first place. The matter remains unresolved, although given that the contest was unrelated to EW, and she also penned a review of a golf course in September 2014, if it has been a listener all along, they have worked awfully hard to make it appear otherwise.