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The Avocado Factor describes the ease of obtaining quality avocados in an MLB city.

In Episode 774, Ben and Sam answer an email about agents taking more than just money into account when selecting contracts for their clients. This led to a discussion about quality of life issues, and Sam became concerned about local produce. "Five years ago you couldn’t get an avocado in most of the country, and now you can."

As a result of this discussion, avocados became a running joke on the Facebook group.

In Episode 975, a Mike Trout hypothetical supposed that Trout was "not fussy about avocados", meaning that city amenities were not a factor in his decision.

Vietnamese food

Sam has also expressed his fondness for Vietnamese food.

  • In Episode 774, he says, "You're not getting good Vietnamese in Milwaukee. It's not happening."
  • In Episode 1158, before Sam can advise a listener on the best MLB city to visit, he wants to know "What's your take on Vietnamese food?" Ben adds, "Avocados. Fresh fruit."
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